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Meet the Animals

Lacey Lacey, a former harness racing horse, was saved from slaughter in 2005 and I have loved this special girl for all these years. As a therapy (non-riding) horse she is patient and compassionate. Lacey is the matriach of the herd - she is a fair and loving leader of her family.
Oliver Oliver, also a former harness racing horse, was saved from slaughter in 2004 and I have loved this special big, kind horse for all these years. Lacey is his special girl. Oliver lives his well-deserved retirement with the other horses and Wilbur.
Star Star, also a former harness racing horse, was saved from slaughter in 2006. Star was named by the children because of the little white 'star' on her forehead. She is a very safe and intelligent horse.
Coco Coco was at the harness racing track and came to my rescue in 2009 from another rescue organization. Coco is the smallest of the horses and therefore easier for children to be around. In the summer, Coco often finds a spot where she likes to lie down to enjoy the warmth of the sun.


Wilbur arrived as a little piglet and Wilbur LOVES attention!


Wilbur as a piglet only two months old.

Wilbur at 2 years old happy dancing!

Felicia Allen
Felicia Allen

Felicia has been rescuing farm animals since 1975 in the lower mainland. Volunteers help with the rescue of the harness horses after their racing careers from slaughter to rehabilitate and re-home the horses to loving guardians and families. Four horses are permanent residents with Wilbur.


Moscha takes care of the horses and loves to play with Wilbur. She arrived as a 12 week old puppy and immediately adopted the animals as her family.

Rescuing farm animals since


We need your help

To urgently raise funds for the new Home

Oliver, Lacey, Coco and Star are appealing to you to help raise the funds for the new home. Little Wilbur, the pot-bellied pig hopes that you will help so he can continue to be happy with his horses! Unfortunately a robbery stole all of the horses blankets, halters, water buckets at their former barn so I also need to buy the equipment too.

With Your Help We Can Make This Happen
The animals are moved to their new home so we are urgently trying to raise the needed funds for them to stay and to provide equipment such as water buckets, horse blanket, horse halters which regretably was lost due to a break-in at their old barn.

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