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Epona riding stable bc 17845 24 Avenue, South Surrey.
Student feedback

“We visited your stable a couple of weeks ago during your event and were so inspired by your work and your approach to horses. Iíve been searching for someone who instructs in natural horsemanship for some time and feel certain that this is right for us!” Michelle Shute

“Felicia and the horses are absolutely wonderful teachers. I have learned so much over the months about horsemanship. I would highly recommend Epona Stables to children and adults alike!” Kleo Fang

“to your good work.”

A. Wilson, Superintendent,
Mission Public Schools,
District of Mission

“Felicia's love of horses is clear, and she is a great role model to learn from.”

Adam Tatelman, Staff Writer, Douglas College.

“Your barn has such a warm and majestic feel, wonderful. We are so blessed to have found you. I believe it was not by chance but by design.” Karen Perey

“Thank you for giving me such a wonderful introduction to horseback riding. I enjoyed every minute of the lessons, and I even dreamed about horses last night!” Dora N.

“I just wanted to take some time here and let you know that we are very happy with Cassidy's riding lessons from you. She is really enjoying her time with you and Kootenay. i can't wait to start my lessons! We look forward to being with you for a long time to come.”
Shari O.

“Thank you very much for the great riding lessons. Please send our sincere thanks to for her excellent training of my daughter Dorsa. She is now completely confident and psyched up to continue her riding lessons in Irvine, CA.”
Masood S.

“Want to thank you again for two awesome lessons which I enjoyed a lot. I think I've got the best start with horses that I could think of due to your great work. Polina S.

“I just wanted to say again that I am so thankful that yesterday could happen. It was an experience that will really stick in peoples' minds, including mine. Everyone had a great time...” Roy C.

“She had an amazing time at the children's birthday pony party - as did all the children.” Tracy T.

Reviews of Epona Stable at Yelp:
“I must admit that I have travelled all over Europe and many states in America and always stopped in the riding stables as sort of a sport being horseback riding that I enjoy and so it seemed the same when I came to Vancouver in Canada to explore what was the best in the riding field. At the hotel that I was staying at I asked the concierge if they had any recommendations and they said a riding stable called Epona Stable was very popular and the tourists had good reports from the stable. I called and asked if they could fit some riding lessons in for me and they were extremely polite and accommodating. I have ridden so much particularly in Europe so I must have sounded like someone grilling the staff and they answered every question almost gladly. I noticed that I could try an introductory lesson and that they also offered other packages so I wanted the five lesson to start because the head instructor and trainer is also a natural horsemanship expert which I found really special. I made my payment and the same day was contacted and the same day the five lesson dates were set! It just could not have been easier. I was met by Felicia at the gate and it was obvious pretty quickly that this woman lives for horses. I noticed all kinds of drawings of horses so the children must love the place too. Felicia brought a beautiful horse to me named Star and this horse looked like some of the German horses I have ridden, extremely gorgeous. I was impressed by the excellent shape of all the horses and she has enough room that they can interact and run in the huge grass areas. I was taken aback by the nature everywhere - mountains as the backdrop and various different bushes with the stable and a huge riding ring also on the stable's premises. Felicia began with the basics such as grooming and saddling and I found her knowledge simply fascinating. She knows Everything that she teaches - the why, where, and how. Literally. She is detailed and funny at times too. It was great to escape to a natural place fairly close to Vancouver and have this amazing individual share her love of the animals and the sport. When Star was saddled we went into a smaller riding ring and immediately Felicia was correcting the small things that I quite frankly had never learnt. Like I said, Felicia is so knowledgeable that I found she wasn't charging high enough for her lessons compared to what I have paid in some very nice riding stables for her professionalism and knowledge. I could write for an hour about her expertise and the wonderful lessons I continued with. The one thing that struck me was how much Felicia cares and understands. We joked quite a bit and laughed with the horse and the horse's cute expressions. As much as she is serious and reminds that safety is the most important - I laughed when she said "Safety is the bible here". I thought that was funny but she is into safety big time like the many professional stables”
“I have ridden at. I would recommend her really highly. For the very low lesson rates she really delivers. The horses are friendly and welltrained and Felicia knows them all and its easy to see the respect she has. I will be leaving Vancouver soon again for more travels but I will be back to the lovely Epona stable on my next visit.”
Tamara W. Vancouver, BC 11/10/2014

“This stable is as good as it gets! I tried their xmas gift certificates last year and it was a blast! The horses are friendly and so easy to ride. I had about half a year to book the lessons which gave me lotsa time for the certificate I purchased. Hey why not get a good deal for yerself at xmas?!! I wanted to try horseback riding as my new years resolution so why nnot get a really good deal? I gave 5 stars cause this stable is so easygoing and I learned a lot. I know how to be safe around the horses now nad everybody thinks Ive been riding for years!! I wont tell them it only took a few lessons but why not spried the good deal since its comign up again this year :-)”
Kerri S. Vancouver, 11/12/2014

(Updated review)
“We wanted to update everyone because we went back to Epona for more lessons from our previous review. The lessons were just as good and we had a great time. Since the other review got removed with a 5 star rating we thought to let everyone know that we went back and the service was just as terrific.”
Dawn J., Surrey, BC 11/12/2014

(Previous review)
“We love this stable! My husband and I started as beginners knowing nothing about horses never having been on one! The expertise of the instruction and kindness in explaining and demonstrating has made this experience so wonderful. We tried the safe trail riding lessons and loved them. Learned so much. Now we ride and hope to continue. Very good staff and the horses are calm patient and so beautiful!”
Dawn J., Surrey, BC, 7/2/2014

“Like others I really like this horseback riding stable. I am one of her higher level students and competing as far as Calgary now at Spruce Meadows. Felicia is one of the lower mainland's most accomplished Senior Instructors and Trainers. She has one of the most popular horse training videos internationally with her method for retraining Standardbred horses. She is specialist in natural horsemanship and sought for her expertise in working with horses. Her European classical riding education brings a knowledge that I haven't seen elsewhere unless paying double her riding lesson rate. What I like best is the beauty and calmness that surrounds the stable. Sometimes Felicia is doing healing with horses therapy which she is also an innovator in. Felicia is my mentor and has been so for many years like she is for so many of us. Her life is and continues to be horses. We are so lucky that she moved from the wealthy Kerrisdale area to Port Coquitlam. She was recently featured front cover for her horse work on the Tri-cities newspaper. I recommend Epona Stable highly and suggest that you check carefully that IT IS Epona Stable because others use her stable's name on their web site to copy her. Epona Stable is where you will truly learn about horses.”
Miriam C., White Rock, BC 8/7/2014

“I have been a student of Epona stable for the past 9 years and love this horse riding stable. The horses are so well cared for and happy. They are not sour from over-riding like a lot of big places that I tried before I found Felicia and Epona stable. Felicia is one of the most talented and dedicated horse trainer and teacher of riding in the lower mainland she is educated in Europe in classical riding and by some of the best riding instructors in Canada - her bio is the most amazing individual you will ever know when it comes to horses - she is an innovator of natural horsemanship, her riding instruction is simply outstanding and there is a lot of individual attention to the student that I didn't receive at any other stable. Its not like "kids teaching you how to ride" there - Felicia is a serious, talented and knowledgeable in the extreme woman who shares her passion for the horses with everyone and the student feedback that she has shows the extent of how people learn and have a great time with the horses. Even other stables call themselves 'Epona' trying to copy her and its too bad that the others copy her to get people to their less than quality barns. I recommend this horseback riding stable to anyone who really wants to be safe and have fun at the same time.”
Cathy M., Vancouver, BC. 6/19/2014

Media Reviews of Epona Stable

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