Giddy Fit With Horses

Experience fitness with a horse as your personal assistant

Giddy Fit With Horses

There are many ways to experience horses. Join our non-riding fitness program with a horse as your personal assistant. A great way to forget you are really exercising!

The Giddy Fit! With Horses program is for individuals who would like to be with horses and learn about them while having fun and a healthy workout. The Giddy Fit With Horses program is a non-riding program where we groom horses and take them through fun mazes at a walk (or maybe a short trot) at our own pace. There is no pressure, no stress. Your favorite companion, a horse, will support and help you enjoy every minute of your (workout) session. Participants in the Giddy Fit With Horses program soon forget about the exercise because being with a horse is a very special experience.

Meet new friends (equine and human!), no horse experience required. $65 for the first one hour group session and only $25 for every session after!

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