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Epona Stable and Farms began on an acreage in North Vancouver, BC Canada in 1975 with stables that were built to house horses. Rescuing and helping animals also evolved as an important milestone. As the years passed many programs apart from horseback riding and training also began. The two most innovative and the first of their kind at the time was Equine Assisted Natural Healing (EANH), a non-riding program and True Natural Horsemanship, the only natural horsemanship program that does not use whips in any aspect of its communication with horses. Both were developed by Felicia Allen, an animal activist, horse trainer and educator.

The Epona Stable and Farms have become synonymous with rescue work, workshops, hands-on interaction with animals as well as horse care such as boarding, riding and learning in the beautiful environment the horses and animals enjoy.


From mentoring to learning and practising True Natural Horsemanship
we offer the convenience of learning online. Watch for our live online workshops!

  • True Natural Horsemanship

    Online one-on-one with your horse learning. Online, live workshops are also available for those unable to attend.

  • Dog training

    Sign up for our video series "Why Dogs Do What They Do" or a one-on-one online session with your dog.

Community events

Due to Covid-19 events are postponed

Volunteer with our rescue Epona Stable and Farms often hold community events organized by the Standardbred Horse Fan Club. Meet our rescue horses and farm animals while trying some plant-based goodies. The events are all about Fun and educating our youth about the animals. Everyone is welcome.

Volunteers who like to help out with any aspects of what we do are appreciated and quickly make new friends. Don't be surprised if Wilbur the piglet charms you with his endearing antics or the rescued horses who are family extend their interest and friendship to you!

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