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True natural horsemanship
“True Natural Horsemanship is a bridge between human and horse, one on which we can walk together.”
The Epona Academy Of True Natural Horsemanship teaches horse owners and individuals who are interested in horses the True Natural Horsemanship (TNH) method: TNH is an entirely human and horse centered relationship and communication experience.

true natural horsemanship
does not rely on whips to achieve better relationships with horses nor methods that subject an animal to needless pain, pain enforcement or pain as a substitute for effective communication.

true natural horsemanship recognizes that relationships begin and grow with trust and respect that is earned.

In an age where quick results and the broken spirits of horses have replaced kind, effective and humane methods, the Epona Academy Of True Natural Horsemanship teaches effective communication methods in a language that horses understand - the language of horses - bringing positive and desired outcomes based on respect, trust and receptivity in your horse while focussing on you for direction, leadership and guidance.

For more information and schedules of upcoming TNH workshops, please see the The Epona Academy Of True Natural Horsemanship web site.
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“It's spectacular to watch Felicia as she navigates her way with a horse. She is so non-intrusive and so effective. She doesn't carry a whip like the commercialized natural horse whisperers do. I learnt so much I didn't ever think about and I have had horses for years. It's changed everything. I am humane in my training and have everything Felicia said I would have, a mutually trusting and respectful equine experience.”
Trina Jones, TNH workshop participant
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natural horsemanship vancouver bc

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