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Horseback riding lessons are available for any level of rider with an Epona Stable lesson horse in dressage, english equitation, jumping and Western riding.

Western Riding

Western horseback riding lessons are available for anyone who would like to learn to ride in the western (cowboy) style.

Epona's western horseback riding lessons are specific to trail riding with the Safe Trail Riding lessons program, and Western Pleasure for individuals interested in showing in Western riding equitation classes [ more information ]

horse trail riding vancouver
western riding
Dressage and English Equitation

Dressage and English Equitation riding lessons for individuals with their own horses is based on European classical horseback riding principles. These principles create the foundation for communication and training with centuries of refining effective methods for both rider and horse.

Canada's finest riders, whether for pleasure or for show, have also received the centuries of classical horseback riding that Europe provides. Epona's Head Instructor and Horse Trainer is European with one of the finest classical riding educations from Europe as well as many decades of riding, training, teaching and competing in Canada. (see bio)

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horse trail riding vancouver

Dressage riding school
Show Jumping

“Nothing matches the thrill of the jump as that of a rider and horse in perfect balance and synchronization: Both will seek the next jump, the next challenge with the power and athleticism of two becoming one.”

Felicia Allen
Epona's Head Instructor and Horse Trainer

Riding lessons in show jumping are available to advanced levels for individuals with their own horses. Training for horses starting in jumping is also available [ more information ]
horse show jumping lessons vancouver The Stable's primary riding ring with a variety of jumping course options and exercise warm-up ground poles.
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