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Standardbred horses represent one of the most versatile breeds.

Retrained Standardbred horse
in new career.

You will see Standardbreds in endurance, jumping, eventing, dressage, pacing/trotting racing, western riding, police work, drill teams, trail riding and as adorable pets!

Did you know that the horse that holds the record for the most Olympic show jumping gold medals is a Standardbred horse? Many people don't.
We invite you to view videos of former racing pacers retrained as riding horses. Many compete successfully in their 2nd careers too.

All of the pacers that have been retrained will walk, trot and canter without the pacing gait. If you are interested in learning our retraining method for your own horse, please see the retraining video information.
Trainer Bio

Epona's is a specialist in retraining pacers, in fact, she pioneered and developed the basic exercises in an educational video which has become the leading video on Standardbred horse retraining, Retraining the pacer - Standardbred horse training. She is also the Founder of the Standardbred Horse Fan Club . . . read full bio

Training for other breeds of horses in western, dressage, english equitation is also available as well as retraining Thoroughbred race horses. Please see our rates for horse training (other breeds).

Pizazz is a former pacer fully retrained
and shown here with his lovely family

If you have adopted one of these delightful horses from a pacing career, retraining is available for the horse with your involvement (or without, as your schedule permits) either off property or with horse boarding on the Epona stable property.
Standardbred dressage horse

All of our Standardbred horses have been fully retrained from their first careers as pacers on the track. Meet our lovely family of horses and see for yourself what professional retraining can accomplish.